Spearheaded by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, Q-dees management team is devoted to make a difference to our children and Partners-in-Education.
Guided by definiteness of purpose and armed with crucial industry knowledge, Q-dees constantly strive for the continuous improvement of our programs and services to ensure that the Q-dees preschool experience remains exceptional.
Passionate and highly experienced, Q-dees R&D Team is the epitome of our commitment to continuously innovate and upgrade our programs to ensure that, it is creative, fun and interactive to be highly effective in cultivating our children’s curiosity and passion for learning.

Q-dees team of writers, software developers, artists, graphic designers, sound engineers and consultants comprises 40% of our total workforce and hail from around the world including America, England, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

In line with Q-dees ethos, Q-dees has invested millions of dollars annually and spend thousands of hours of innovative and dynamic research before a single hour of learning takes place in the classroom to ensure that only the best is delivered.