S t a r t e r s
Q-dees foundation program that caters to young learners aged up to 6 years old, Q-dees Starters aims to start your child young in a holistic, all-rounded programme that not only builds critical academic and linguistic skills, but also purposes to prepare students for life-long learning and self-improvement by cultivating soft skills. Q-dees Starters program focus is child-centred learning; building upon a child's innate curiosity, pro-active nature and ability to visualise and associate sounds and objects.

Children can retain around 95% of information that they see, hear and do at the same time, as opposed to only one of the former. The Q-dees Starters program integrates technology as well as proprietary specialised teaching assistance tools; harnessing the best of both worlds to ensure all five(5) senses in your child are stimulated in order to facilitate your child's unlimited learning and understanding potential.

Besides the traditional learning methods of pen and paper revision and exercises, Q-dees Starters incorporates, among others, singing, dancing, hands-on involvement, action-oriented exercises, role-play and experimentation; all in a safe, caring environment and facilitated by dedicated, loving teachers.
S c h o l a r s
The Q-dees Scholars Program is an internationally benchmarked English and Math program developed by the Q-dees Education Group which aims to bring the award-winning Q-dees 'Link & Think' teaching methodology to the primary school level, where specialised high-quality education programs are highly demanded.

Benchmarked against international standards, Q-dees Scholars' syllabus comprises of various learning modules based upon the revolutionary 'Link & Think' methodology. The curriculum is integrated and emphasises on incremental learning progression; each topic is designed to build upon skills and knowledge gained from prior lessons.

In Scholars, students progress through the course at their own pace, ensuring complete understanding of a subject before progressing to the next. By understanding a topic before progressing, students will gain self-confidence and develop healthy learning habits. Eventually, these habits become natural and their strong foundations will help accelerate their love for knowledge in all future academic endeavours.